by | Jun 11, 2017 |

Termites, Our’s Don’t Fly!

In other parts of the country termites come in many different sizes and shapes. They can also be very destructive. Which gives home buyers a reason to be concerned.   I have some good news! The main type of termites in the Phoenix Valley are slow moving and do...
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Scorpions, Stinging Information

To many people's surprise, scorpions are pretty common in Arizona. Often times home owners have them in their backyard and they never know about them. Occasionally one might turn up dead in a glue trap or at the bottom of a pool. Ask anyone about scorpions and you'll...
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5 Valuable Negotiation Pointers

In Arizona negotiations can be wildly different than other states or other industries. While all negotiations are unique, here are a few pointers to keep in mind. On average, home owners do not accept offers more than 3% below the current list price. This is because...
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Home Inspectors Don’t Have Crystal Balls

Once you have the dream home under contract its time to get a home inspection. Depending on the size, age, location, etc of your future home, the inspection fee can range from $300-$650+. Do yourself a favor, don't bargain shop for a home inspector. It never ends...
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Good Data, Bad Data, Zillow Data

In today's world, home buyers prefer to search for homes online before engaging a Realtor. When a home buyer falls in love with a home, that's when they decide to reach out to an Realtor and see the home.... Sadly, more often than not, the Realtor tells them the home...
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