Termites, Our’s Don’t Fly!

Termites, Our’s Don’t Fly!

In other parts of the country termites come in many different sizes and shapes. They can also be very destructive. Which gives home buyers a reason to be concerned.
I have some good news! The main type of termites in the Phoenix Valley are slow moving and do minimal damage (unless untreated for years and year and years). Which is a good thing because they are very common in Arizona.
Termite inspectors have a saying… There are two types of homes in Arizona, a home with termites and a home that will have termites.
Here is a secret about our termites… they have to commute from the soil to the wood in your home. The wood is their food source and that is why they are called “wood destroying organisms” in the purchase contract. They also can’t be exposed to the light, so they create mud tubes from the soil, up the house foundation and into the home. That’s how you can spot them!
How do you get rid of these pests? Dig a trench along the foundation where you found the mud tube(s), pour the appropriate chemical into the soil and cover everything back up. When the termites go back into the soil to their home, they will cross over into the chemicals and die. Simple as that.
Morale of the story? Don’t let termites concern you, they can be easily treated at a low cost.
Got questions? Just let us know!
Happy Home Hunting,
Scorpions, Stinging Information

Scorpions, Stinging Information

To many people’s surprise, scorpions are pretty common in Arizona. Often times home owners have them in their backyard and they never know about them. Occasionally one might turn up dead in a glue trap or at the bottom of a pool.

Ask anyone about scorpions and you’ll learn we all have horror stories to share. Whether they are our own stories or someone else’s story. I purchased my home five years ago only to find a number of scorpions in my backyard and a few in my house, I’ve been through the emotional roller coaster, trust me. I even considered moving. But I didn’t and I’m glad I didn’t move. Here is why…
Scorpions are a bug, just like crickets, roaches, spiders, etc. With the right chemicals and a little knowledge you can control the problem. And there is an added bonus… no more crickets, spiders, roaches and other creepy crawlies will bother you inside or outside of your home!
Here is what you need to know:
  1. Eliminate their food and they have no reason to stay in your backyard
  2. Bug spray during the new moon cycle and at sunset for the most effective results
  3. Doing it yourself once a month or once every other month is all it takes
Tip: download an app/widget on your phone that lets you know when a new moon (no moon) is coming. Its been a huge help for me.
Here is the magical combination of chemicals
  1. 3-6oz of Permethrin
  2. 48 ml of Demand CS (brand name is very important)
  3. 2 gallon sprayer
  4. Add water, mix and spray
The best prices on the chemicals can be found on Amazon.com. Online prices are about half of the price compared to retail stores. Also, since Scorpions are fairly dormant during the winter months, you can save some money and skip Permethrin.
You might want to add a little weed killer to the mix and take care of the yard while you’re at it.
If you want to talk with the ONE AND ONLY authority on scorpions, reach out to Seal Out Scorpions. They get contracts all over the world to seal out celebrity homes. Best part is, they are local, small and really honest people to work with. These guys will give you all the education you need. Most pest companies don’t know jack squat about treating for scorpions. www.sealoutscorpions.com.
We have a lot more information and resources when it comes to scorpions. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.
At the end of the day, I love my home and I’ve very happy I didn’t move when I found the scorpions.
5 Valuable Negotiation Pointers

5 Valuable Negotiation Pointers

In Arizona negotiations can be wildly different than other states or other industries. While all negotiations are unique, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  1. On average, home owners do not accept offers more than 3% below the current list price. This is because the Seller is paying an additional 7% in selling fees on top of the deal that is agreed upon.
  2. All negotiations need to be put in writing in order to be valid
  3. Negotiations should not go more than 4 rounds. That’s one original offer and 3 counter offers. After that point, the Seller will start getting annoyed and become less willing to sell the home.
  4. Negotiations need to be quick. The longer negotiations drag out, the more likely someone else will step in with a stronger offer
  5. Once the home is under contract, there are no additional opportunities to renegotiate the price unless the home does not appraise.

 Got Questions? Just Ask!

Home Inspectors Don’t Have Crystal Balls

Home Inspectors Don’t Have Crystal Balls

Once you have the dream home under contract its time to get a home inspection.

Depending on the size, age, location, etc of your future home, the inspection fee can range from $300-$650+. Do yourself a favor, don’t bargain shop for a home inspector. It never ends well. In fact, if you are going to cheap out on a home inspection/inspector, you might as well skip it entirely.
Find an inspector that has a lot of experience and is easy to talk to. Inspecting a home is a lonely job and many home inspectors enjoy being introverted. You want to find the few home inspectors that aren’t afraid to talk to you about the home and get engaged in a dialog.
One of the biggest frustrations for home buyers is the “visual” nature of a home inspection. A home inspector has 3-4 hours to crawl all over your home, test electrical outlets, get in the roof and the attic, etc. They don’t have the time or the tools necessary to see through walls. Nor are they experts in everything about building a home.
Use the home inspection as a starting point on your home research. Most inspections are fairly clean, but some inspections will point out the need for one or more licensed specialists to further evaluate the problem(s) and provide a cost estimate.
Don’t delay when it comes to getting a home inspection scheduled. You only have 10 calendar days to do all your inspections. You want to make sure you give yourself enough time to get secondary companies out there for further analysis.
Here are the home inspectors that we have enjoyed working with in the past.
Top Recommendation: Elbert (Corky) Blume,
Here is the link to Redfin’s Open Book Directory for home inspectors.
As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.
Happy Home Hunting!
Good Data, Bad Data, Zillow Data

Good Data, Bad Data, Zillow Data

In today’s world, home buyers prefer to search for homes online before engaging a Realtor. When a home buyer falls in love with a home, that’s when they decide to reach out to an Realtor and see the home…. Sadly, more often than not, the Realtor tells them the home is SOLD!
Why does the industry’s largest home search sites like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com constantly have bad data/incorrect information?
The answer is complicated, but here is a simple one. The big search sites aren’t licensed real estate brokers, so they aren’t allowed to have all the data. They are also required to use a feed that updates slower than it does for a real estate broker. Many times homes that go on the market, won’t show up online for 4-5 days!! As a home buyer that puts you at a HUGE disadvantage!
What’s the solution? Reach out to us and we can set you up with instant alerts as soon as your future home comes on the market. Don’t miss out on the perfect home because you’re staring at bad data all day long!