In Arizona negotiations can be wildly different than other states or other industries. While all negotiations are unique, here are a few pointers to keep in mind.

  1. On average, home owners do not accept offers more than 3% below the current list price. This is because the Seller is paying an additional 7% in selling fees on top of the deal that is agreed upon.
  2. All negotiations need to be put in writing in order to be valid
  3. Negotiations should not go more than 4 rounds. That’s one original offer and 3 counter offers. After that point, the Seller will start getting annoyed and become less willing to sell the home.
  4. Negotiations need to be quick. The longer negotiations drag out, the more likely someone else will step in with a stronger offer
  5. Once the home is under contract, there are no additional opportunities to renegotiate the price unless the home does not appraise.

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