In today’s world, home buyers prefer to search for homes online before engaging a Realtor. When a home buyer falls in love with a home, that’s when they decide to reach out to an Realtor and see the home…. Sadly, more often than not, the Realtor tells them the home is SOLD!
Why does the industry’s largest home search sites like Zillow, Trulia and constantly have bad data/incorrect information?
The answer is complicated, but here is a simple one. The big search sites aren’t licensed real estate brokers, so they aren’t allowed to have all the data. They are also required to use a feed that updates slower than it does for a real estate broker. Many times homes that go on the market, won’t show up online for 4-5 days!! As a home buyer that puts you at a HUGE disadvantage!
What’s the solution? Reach out to us and we can set you up with instant alerts as soon as your future home comes on the market. Don’t miss out on the perfect home because you’re staring at bad data all day long!