Once you have the dream home under contract its time to get a home inspection.

Depending on the size, age, location, etc of your future home, the inspection fee can range from $300-$650+. Do yourself a favor, don’t bargain shop for a home inspector. It never ends well. In fact, if you are going to cheap out on a home inspection/inspector, you might as well skip it entirely.
Find an inspector that has a lot of experience and is easy to talk to. Inspecting a home is a lonely job and many home inspectors enjoy being introverted. You want to find the few home inspectors that aren’t afraid to talk to you about the home and get engaged in a dialog.
One of the biggest frustrations for home buyers is the “visual” nature of a home inspection. A home inspector has 3-4 hours to crawl all over your home, test electrical outlets, get in the roof and the attic, etc. They don’t have the time or the tools necessary to see through walls. Nor are they experts in everything about building a home.
Use the home inspection as a starting point on your home research. Most inspections are fairly clean, but some inspections will point out the need for one or more licensed specialists to further evaluate the problem(s) and provide a cost estimate.
Don’t delay when it comes to getting a home inspection scheduled. You only have 10 calendar days to do all your inspections. You want to make sure you give yourself enough time to get secondary companies out there for further analysis.
Here are the home inspectors that we have enjoyed working with in the past.
Top Recommendation: Elbert (Corky) Blume,
Here is the link to Redfin’s Open Book Directory for home inspectors.
As always, if you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out.
Happy Home Hunting!