In other parts of the country termites come in many different sizes and shapes. They can also be very destructive. Which gives home buyers a reason to be concerned.
I have some good news! The main type of termites in the Phoenix Valley are slow moving and do minimal damage (unless untreated for years and year and years). Which is a good thing because they are very common in Arizona.
Termite inspectors have a saying… There are two types of homes in Arizona, a home with termites and a home that will have termites.
Here is a secret about our termites… they have to commute from the soil to the wood in your home. The wood is their food source and that is why they are called “wood destroying organisms” in the purchase contract. They also can’t be exposed to the light, so they create mud tubes from the soil, up the house foundation and into the home. That’s how you can spot them!
How do you get rid of these pests? Dig a trench along the foundation where you found the mud tube(s), pour the appropriate chemical into the soil and cover everything back up. When the termites go back into the soil to their home, they will cross over into the chemicals and die. Simple as that.
Morale of the story? Don’t let termites concern you, they can be easily treated at a low cost.
Got questions? Just let us know!
Happy Home Hunting,